Chargebacks911 Partners with Kount

kount partnership

Introducing Chargebacks911’s Newest Industry Integration

Chargebacks911® is proud to announce our new partnership with Kount, one of the world’s leading solutions for fraud and risk management. This move integrates Chagebacks911’s innovative revenue-retaining strategies with Kount Complete™, a comprehensive solution for fraud detection.

What This Means for Merchants and Financial Institutions

The new partnership offers Kount and Chargebacks911’s joint merchant customers a more comprehensive revenue-retention strategy than ever before. The companies’ integrated efforts will allow clients to better prevent fraud attacks, while also identifying and fighting friendly fraud.

This degree of comprehensive profitability protection is unheard-of in the payments and security industries. According to Kount COO Rich Stuppy:

Kount’s new partnership with Chargebacks911 gives merchants access to two industry leaders that are offering solutions for the rapidly growing chargeback problem…Together these solutions will provide a powerful ROI for merchants while providing them the data and confidence needed to aggressively grow their businesses…”

Rich Stuppy

Given that some projections anticipate merchants’ chargeback-related expenses will double in 2017, this new integration is just what merchants need to ensure the future of their business.

“Illegitimate chargebacks are increasing at an alarming rate every year and the burden of mitigation unnecessarily falls on merchants,” says Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton-Cardone. As she explains, the combined efforts of Chargebacks911 and Kount will play a major role in “easing this burden off financial institutions and merchants while ensuring and supporting business profitability.”

Why Chargebacks911 & Kount?

Chargebacks911 Partners with Kount

Simply put, both companies are leaders in what they do.

Chargebacks911’s tactical data analysis and insights have helped thousands of merchants improve their bottom line through compliance, risk mitigation and expert dispute management. At the same time, Kount provides a turnkey solution to address numerous different fraud sources. Their integrated, SaaS platform makes it easy for merchants to focus their attention on growing their business rather than fighting revenue loss.

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