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Chargebacks911® & Paid for Grades: Partners in Education

Chargebacks911® & Paid for Grades: Partners in Education

Our Endowment is Helping Transform the Lives of Bay Area Students

In addition to our weekly Take Charge for Charity donations and other activities, we at Chargebacks911 are long-time supporters of a program known as Paid for Grades. We’re proud to announce that, for the eighth consecutive year, our endowment for this revolutionary organization has helped transform the lives of dozens of high school students here in Tampa Bay!

What is Paid for Grades?Chargebacks911® & Paid for Grades: Partners in Education

Paid for Grades is a program first envisioned by Chargebacks911 Co-Founder and COO, Monica Eaton-Cardone, back in 2013. The program’s concept is simple: participating students are challenged to improve their grades and reading ability over the course of the program semester. Students who successfully complete the Paid for Grades program get a cash reward of $500…simple as that.

The promise of getting a cash prize serves as an incentive that keeps students engaged and active throughout the semester. However, many find that the growth they undergo as part of the program is a much greater reward. Paid for Grades can give students the confidence and skills they need to find success later in life.

Students aren’t the only ones who benefit, either. Mentors who help students through the program are incentivized with a cash prize as well. Plus, participating high schools receive a technology grant provided by Chargebacks911 for each student who successfully completes the program.

The Paid for Grades Class of 2021

88 students at three participating high schools completed the program this year. Students, along with their families and school administrators, met for special ceremonies at each school. There, students were recognized for their achievements, and awarded their prizes:

Boca Ciega High

Hollins High

Lakewood High

We’ve heard some truly amazing stories come from this year’s class. One student at Boca Ciega High School started the school year with a 0.8 GPA but ended the year with a 3.5 GPA after completing Paid for Grades. That same student is now planning to attend college, all thanks to this remarkable program.

Check out the full story below, courtesy of WTSP 10 Tampa Bay News:

Interested in becoming a local business partner to support continued growth of the program? Click here to learn more about Paid for Grades and to see how you can get involved.