Chargebacks911® Named ‘Top Chargeback Company’ for 2022

Signature Payments

Chargeback Management Firm Recognized in New Rundown of Top Service Providers

We’re proud to announce that Chargebacks911® has been recognized as a ‘top chargeback company’ by industry giant Signature Payments!

Signature Payments is a merchant services company that offers flexible and secure payment solutions that provide everything merchants need, including integrated payment solutions and troubleshooting. With more than 20 years as a trusted payments provider, Signature offers a variety of payment solutions for merchants of all sizes across industries.

At Chargebacks911, we manage over 2 billion transactions annually. Our chargeback solutions are perfect for mid-to-large companies that work with high-risk factors such as recurring billing.

Signature Payments recognized us for our multi-tier management platform. Three particular features they chose to highlight include:

  • Dispute Prevention: Helping merchants intercept disputes and avoid chargebacks by replying in real-time with additional transaction information or refund confirmation.
  • Dispute Response: Identifying and responding to illegitimate disputes with compelling evidence, and providing tailored responses to reverse chargebacks and recover revenue lost to friendly fraud.
  • Dispute Intelligence: Helping merchants discover the true source of chargebacks and make informed decisions with accurate and actionable data using our proprietary Intelligent Source Detection™.

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