Chargebacks911® Makes the ’20 Innovative Companies’ List

Entrepreneurial News Outlet Spotlights Chargebacks911® & COO Monica Eaton-Cardone

The Mirror Review lists our UK subsidiary, The Chargeback Company, on their 20 Innovative Companies to Watch for in 2019 countdown. In response, COO and Co-Founder Monica Eaton-Cardone spoke with the folks at the magazine to offer some insight on her entrepreneurial journey.

The Mirror Review promotes the achievements and disruptive moves made by innovative entrepreneurs and their companies. The publication hopes to not only enlighten readers, but also inspire them to find their own success story.

Each year, the publication compiles their 20 Innovative Companies to Watch for list. With placement on the list, Mirror Review staff also want to know a bit about the incredible entrepreneurial journeys that led their winners where they are today. Staff from the publication spoke with Monica to get a feel for what led the company down the path towards success.

As Monica explains, the opportunity was there…it just needed the right people to act. “The eCommerce revolution has exploded worldwide,” Monica explains. “Unfortunately, the triumph of the digital economy has also given rise to chargeback abuse, cyber-theft and chargeback fraud…It’s one of the costliest (and fastest growing) problems in eCommerce. The industry was pleading for an innovative, reliable, scalable solution.”

Chargebacks911’s founders developed the company—and our core of innovative diagnostic strategies and tools—to contend with this challenge. And, just as chargebacks grew rapidly in the last five years…so did we.

“Supporting 27 different merchant verticals, serving clients all over the globe, has armed us with first-hand insight and experience. We’ve studied the trendlines,” Monica says. “We know the data. We understand the new regulations.”