Chargebacks911® Hosts ‘Chargeback University’ 2019

The First-Ever Chargeback-Focused Global Lecture Series for Merchants and Issuers

In June 2019, Chargebacks911 hosted the first-ever Chargeback University events. This three-city lecture series featured engagements in Los Angeles, Toronto, and London…all free to attendees!

At each stop on the tour, our guests enjoyed a one-day event packed with insights and expert analysis of the current chargeback landscape. Topics of discussion included all the most up-to-date information merchants need to navigate chargebacks in 2019 and beyond. Our team members touched on Visa Claims Resolution, optimizing dispute win rates, case studies, and much more.

Raising Awareness of Chargebacks

The inaugural Chargeback University event series was a massive success. We spoke to dozens of merchants in London and Los Angeles, and hosted a more intimate, in-depth session at the Toronto event. We received an overwhelmingly positive reception each time. Discussions on the schedule at each event included:

  • Increasing Win Rates: 101
  • Understanding VMPI (and Other New Aspects of Disputes)
  • Chargeback Champions: 3 Case Studies

Craig Hoyt, a special guest from our partners at Kount, was able to join us at the Los Angeles event for another special presentation, titled Reducing Fraud, Reducing Chargebacks.

Of course, audience participation is a major component of Chargeback University. At each stop on the tour, engaged attendees posed some excellent questions to our team.

We asked out attendees to offer feedback after the event, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Our guests gave Chargeback University an average score of 9.5 out of 10!

One recurring comment about the event was that participants appreciated it wasn’t a simple sales pitch. Instead, Chargeback University remained focused on education. Our goal with these events is taking dense, complex, and technical information, and breaking it down into easy-to-understand and actionable knowledge.

"I’m extremely pleased with how well Chargebacks University played out,” says Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton-Cardone. “I’m glad we were able to provide value to a lot of these merchants and other attendees, and make more people aware of chargeback practices in the process."

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. For more detailed insight, see these anonymous testimonials from actual Chargeback University attendees:

The transparency from the hosts, speakers, and CEO was refreshing. The amount of information divulged was enough to get any person headed in the right direction. The noninvasive presence of the sponsors and the overall focus being on the advertised objective was unlike anything I've been to.

[Chargeback University] was well run and informative, with speakers who were very knowledgeable and accessible.

A lot of practical information. I felt like you were genuinely interested in helping people fight chargebacks.

Highly intelligent and articulate speakers. [Chargeback University] provided a wealth of information and materials to feel confident in processing CBs at a higher level.

Also, check out these photos from the three Chargebacks University 2019 photos:

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