Chargebacks911® & FIS Relationship Spotlighted in Payments DiveFIS & Chargebacks911 Extend Their Relationship to Fight eCommerce Fraud

August 9, 2022 | 1 min read

Chargebacks911® & FIS Relationship Spotlighted in Payments Dive

In a Nutshell

Payments Dive took a close look at FIS and Chargebacks911 in a recent article outlining their intention to extend their partnership against payment fraud.

WorldPay From FIS plans to offer additional fraud-fighting services to merchants to help them fight a growing number of credit card disputes. The company intends to do that by extending its existing partnership with Chargebacks911. As reported in a recent feature for Payments Dive, the two companies aim to provide merchants with a broader set of technology tools “to help reduce chargebacks, lower costs, and combat fraud.”

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The partnership between FIS and Chargebacks911 was formed in 2018. According to the article, clients who use Worldpay for payment processing “can get access to our complete suite of pre-chargeback solutions.”

“Changes in consumer preferences and merchant practices have retailers, card issuers and networks moving away from the manual dispute management processes,” FIS Chief Product Officer Vicky Bindra said. “Open platforms and flexible architecture are now vital, allowing automated products that reduce the time and effort invested in managing and resolving dispute volume.”

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