Chargebacks911® Field Report Featured on Mondato Insight BlogHarlan Huston Points Out Complicating Chargeback Factors Affecting Today’s Businesses

July 26, 2022 | 2 min read

Chargebacks911® Field Report Featured on Mondato Insight Blog

In a Nutshell

Chargebacks911 executive Harlan Huston was recently quoted in a Mondato Insight article regarding the “conundrum of chargebacks” posed by the 2022 Chargeback Field Report.

Chargebacks are a tool simultaneously essential to digital commerce, yet one deeply vulnerable to abuse. As discussed in a recent feature for the Mondato Insight blog, the near-impossibility of detecting first-party fraud highlights a fundamental philosophical gap in fraud security regimes that even big data can only go so far to detect.

From cross-border remittances and lending to insurance and investment, Mondator offers consulting services for those navigating the digitization of the financial services industry. In addition, Mondato hosts industry leaders and subject matter experts via regional Mondato Summits and publishes unique, primary research on the fintech blog, Mondato Insight.

In the piece, Chargebacks911 Director of Strategic Partnerships Harlan Hutson explains that chargebacks broadly fall into three categories. There is true criminal fraud, in which a bad actor obtains someone’s card information to use for a transaction, and the true card owner initiates a chargeback with their bank.

“About 30% of chargebacks are of this nature”, says Hutson. “The second category is merchant error: the wrong item is sent, a delivery isn’t made, or the name of the billing company differs from what the customer expected, among other examples.”

Citing the 2022 Chargeback Field Report, Huston says Chargebacks911 has identified over 400 such ERTs — errors, risks, and threats — among client businesses.

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