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Executive Files Highlights Chargebacks911’s Success

We’re pleased to announce that Chargebacks911® was featured in a recent edition of Tampa Bay Business Journal. It’s an honor that our organization was called upon by the Tampa Bay area’s top business publication for this special appearance.

Spotlighted in the Executive Files Series

Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton-Cardone appeared in the latest installment of the journal’s “Executive Files” series, spotlighting Central Florida’s fastest-growing and most innovative companies. The piece delves into the origins and growth of Chargebacks911, as well as the company’s involvement with Get Paid for Grades, a local nonprofit educational initiative.

This is not the company’s first appearance in Tampa Bay Business Journal. In 2016, TBBJ listed Chargebacks911 on their “Top 200 Private Companies” list after showcasing an impressive 679% growth rate over the previous three years.

At the heart of this rapid growth and success is the company’s strong, consistent commitment to developing and maintaining expertise. As Monica explains:

For our company, the cornerstone of our success was education—establishing transparency and breaking things that seemed too complex down into pieces that were simple enough to digest and then you have a workable solution.”

Monica Eaton-Cardone

Chargebacks911 is a recognized thought leader in the payments and risk management industries, and as the company continues growing, so does its wealth of knowledge.

The Chargebacks911 Philosophy

The process wasn’t as simple as learning about chargebacks and achieving overnight success, though. As Monica explains in the accompanying video, the process of learning how to fight and ultimately reduce chargebacks was arduous:

…I was a merchant suffering from chargebacks and there was no solution out there—I’d tried everything. Then I figured ‘you know what? I’m so sick and tired of chargebacks, I’m going to figure out how to solve this problem, do or die…and through the expense of education I figured out how to solve the problem.

“…we grew the business based on the philosophy that we want to be the best company out there that has the greatest solution. We don’t care about being the biggest, we just care about providing a really great solution that’s catered to merchants.”

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