Chargebacks911® Featured in Recent Q&A in The Paypers

Director of Relationship Management Craig McClure Offers his Insights in New Guest Feature

Craig McClure, Director of Relationship Management at Chargebacks911, was recently invited to share his insights in a new Q&A session for The Paypers.

The Paypers is the Netherlands-based leading independent source of news and intelligence for professionals in the global payment community. The outlet provides a wide range of news and analysis products aimed at keeping the e-commerce, fintech, and payment professionals informed about the latest developments in the industry.

Visa and Mastercard have imposed changes to their chargeback rules. This means industry players need to adjust their approaches to chargeback management in response. Merchants and banks both have a role to play in determining how this should transpire.

“It’s best practice that merchants have a good dialogue with their acquirers and processors to understand industry rule changes, and ensure they maximize the time to make any adjustments to their business processes to accommodate these,” Craig says. “It will mean they’ll avoid being caught out by unexpected liability. Using specialist providers like Chargebacks911 also helps. “

Many of these changes are in response to Covid-19. However, updates to gift card rules, second chargebacks, and dispute time limits are occurring in response to much broader needs within the industry. The key will ultimately be communication. Open lines of dialogue between banks, merchants, and card networks are essential.