Chargebacks911® Executive Talks eReader Security for ABC News

Monica Eaton-Cardone Addresses Parents’ Concerns Regarding Students & eBook Security

Many parents are apprehensive about their children’s activities online. This is especially true as schools reopen in the looming shadow of COVID-19 and digital learning becomes more vital than ever. Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton-Cardone was asked to comment on the current situation in response to these rising concerns in a new Tech Trends segment for ABC News.

ABC News is one of the leading outlets for news and information in the United States. The network attracts millions of viewers and listeners each day across the country looking for information on current events, politics, analysis, and much more.

Parents overwhelmingly prefer children to read physical books, as opposed to eBooks. That may not be an option, though, as the demands of education in a plugged-in culture mean students do more and more of their reading digitally. And, as Monica explains, this has ramifications for online security.

“When you order a book, especially when you’re downloading anything, as soon as something becomes digital, everything can be tracked.”

As Monica explains, the key is for parents to approach the situation with clear eyes, and to understand how best to protect themselves and their families. “The first step really needs to start with increasing awareness with parents so that they recognize areas [in which] they could be victimized without realizing it.”

Listen to the full segment below: