Chargebacks911® Exec Offers Job Interview Advice for UpJourney

Monica Eaton-Cardone Says Prepping in Advance  is Essential

Job interviews can be among the most stressful situations in which many of us will ever find ourselves. In response, Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton-Cardone, as well as a host of other business leaders, recently spoke with the folks at UpJourney to offer some tips to help jobseekers nail their next interview.

UpJourney is a site focused on publishing articles, courses, and books that can teach readers how to improve their lives. They use positive guidance to help readers achieve goals, improve their communication skills, and ultimately, find their life purpose.

The panel of experts assembled for this latest feature offered a variety of diverse perspectives. Everyone brought something interesting to the table, focusing on concrete and detailed advice in some cases, while others provided more broad and general tips.

Monica suggested that it's vital to research the company ahead of time, as well as the role for which you apply. “When I interview candidates, you can tell right away which ones are prepared, because they aren’t as nervous," she says. “Don’t ever walk into an interview without having done your research into the company, its history, and the role you are applying for.”

She also discusses the importance of anticipating the questions that will be asked. “Rehearse your answers, and also try to think of any questions that you might have for the company,” she adds. “Being prepared will give you confidence and help fight against any remaining nerves.”