Chargebacks911® & EPA Collaborate on New Whitepaper

Chargebacks911® & EPA Collaborate on New Whitepaper

New Guide Examines the Threat Posed by Chargebacks & Double Credits

Chargebacks911, the industry’s leading force in helping merchants address the threat posed by chargebacks, recently collaborated with the Emerging Payments Association on a new whitepaper titled Customer Disputes: a Review of Chargebacks and Double Credits. The guide offers an in-depth exploration of the threat posed by double credits, and how merchants can protect themselves.

The EPA is an organization promoting collaboration and innovation across the payments ecosystem. Members of the board are nominated and voted on by the members of the organization based on industry leadership, seniority, ability, passion, and expertise. As a member of the EPA board for 2021, Monica will be in a position to help influence the industry and represent the entire payments community.

We provide regular, in-depth analysis of chargebacks and disputes. However, these payment reversals don’t receive the degree of attention they require in the broader conversation surrounding payments and finance. Protections associated with card payments were widely misunderstood outside of a small group of specialists…until COVID-19 forced holidays, flights, hotels, concerts, theatres, and entertainment events to be canceled in masse, that is.

This research seeks to identify best practices and make recommendations with a view to improving efficiencies in managing and mitigating future chargebacks. A particular area of focus in this research was to investigate instances of “double credits”- why they happen, and whether they are cases of deliberate financial fraud.

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