Chargebacks911® Enterprise Engagement VP Interviewed by Fintech Podcast

David Pirtle Appears on ‘Thought Leadership & the Fintech Revolution’ Podcast

Chargebacks911 VP of Enterprise Engagement David Pirtle recently sat down with Scott Pinsker to talk about his background and expertise in the latest episode of the Thought Leadership & the Fintech Revolution Podcast.

Thought Leadership & the Fintech Revolution is a show hosted by Scott Pinsker and produced by Chargebacks911. The show invites experts from around the fintech space to share their background and unique insights, as well as to discuss where they see the future of the fintech industry.

David is a long-time member of the Chargebacks911 team. Having grown up in a small town, he followed a winding path that eventually led him to where he is today.

“I grew up with a very tight-knit, large family, surrounded by hundreds of acres of just family. So, I grew up watching my parents helping people, they weren’t overly-fortunate themselves, but I’ve kind of always had that instilled within me…I don’t think I could have been the person I am today, with the values I hold, the inspirational aspects of my life without growing up in such a small town.”

David also relates his work at Chargebacks911 to his educational background in design.

“It’s really about the customer, or the client that you’re working with. Whether it’s a design issue with a house, or a flaw in their business…you’re really just looking at the situation, and you are meeting their end goal. That’s why we always go through the phase of saying ‘If you could wave a magic wand…what is the end goal that you want?’” And then my job, both in design and at Chargebacks911, is to find out how to get there. Whether that’s apply certain tools, or that’s applying certain solutions and strategies. We look at it all, and we find the end result that fits the client’s needs.”