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Monica Eaton Asked to Offer Insights in Feature for Skill Success Blog

Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton possesses more than two decades of experience in business leadership and entrepreneurship. In a recent feature for the Skill Success blog, Monica shared some of her hard-won experience with the prospective business leaders of tomorrow.

Skill Success is dedicated to empowering every person with the ability to develop skills that can help them succeed in their personal and professional lives. They also aim to be a resource to help readers attain their dream career, with their blog providing educational resources that are affordable and accessible to all.

Covid-19 has transformed many aspects of our world. However, Monica says that one piece of advice still holds true now just as it did before the pandemic. Namely, to follow your passion.

“Make no mistake, being passionate is a skill,” Monica says. “It’s a mindset that can be learned and honed, and it’s absolutely essential for small business owners to passionately, whole-heartedly believe in themselves…Adversity will come, I guarantee it, and if you’re lacking passion, your business will be in deep trouble. In fact, this is when most small businesses fail.”

Monica says that passion, along with due diligence and faith in your business, are key to arming yourself for the entrepreneurial struggle. However, if you remain dedicated to your vision, you have a chance to find success.

“The Covid pandemic has taught all of us that life can change on a dime, and tomorrow is not guaranteed. So if you passionately, whole-heartedly believe in your vision, then prepare yourself for an entrepreneurial journey that’s almost certainly going to be fraught with peril, but just might end up being your dream come true.”

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