Chargebacks911® COO Published in Payments Expert

Monica Eaton Comments on New AlphaFintech Partnership

In a recent Q&A published by Payments Expert, Chargebacks911 COO and Co-Founder Monica Eaton discussed CB911’s recent partnership with Asia-Pacific giant AlphaFintech, and detailed their combined strategies to help fight global fraud.

Payment Expert is a news portal covering the global payments sector. It focuses on disruptive technologies and new disciplines making an impact in the industry. The title provides the latest industry news for over 16,000 readers including retail, payments, compliance, and fraud professionals.

The Q&A focuses on the AlphaFintech partnership and what it means for fraud-fighting strategies within the payment space. It then goes on to detail the key trends that can be seen in the APAC market and how Chargebacks911 can help tackle fraud in this region.

“We know from our extensive experience in North America and Europe that merchants are facing a growing chargebacks and fraud problem,” Monica says, when asked about her expectations for the recent partnership. “A partnership with Alpha Fintech, who have proven themselves as one of the most forward-thinking merchant acquirers in the region, was ideal.”

Monica points to the fact that eCommerce is booming, but fraud is also on the rise. There’s a need for more integration and closer collaboration in the fintech space.

“When it comes to APAC in particular, eCommerce is expected to grow at a rate of 8.2% between 2020 and 2025, compared to 5.2% for the US and Europe. This growth means that there will be more first-time eCommerce users, and therefore more potential for fraud,” she elaborated.

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