Chargebacks911® COO Provides Self-Help Advice for UpJourney

Chargebacks911® COO Provides Self-Help Advice for UpJourney

Monica Eaton-Cardone Joins Other Experts to Explain How to Be Less Selfish

As a business leader, being the best version of yourself is about more than making the right decisions. Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton-Cardone knows this, and she offered her expertise on the subject to help self-improvement site UpJourney answer the question: “How can you be less selfish?”

UpJourney is a great resource for those looking to improve themselves and their lifestyle. The goal of the site is to help readers develop more meaningful, long-lasting relationships, foster altruism, and earn respect. Helping readers to be less selfish is a critical point in that mission.

The Key to Less-Selfish Behavior

Monica offered some great advice, suggesting our connection to others is at the core of a less-selfish lifestyle. “Truly connecting with others requires us to step outside of our own thoughts, needs, and beliefs,” she explains. “It helps us realize that the world is a massive and highly diverse place and that it doesn’t revolve around our work schedules or retirement plans. More than anything, it helps kill the cancerous belief that somehow we deserve more than someone else, just because of who we are.”

Of course, Monica was one of nine experts on the panel. Other participants include businesses coaches, professional speakers, wellness experts, and more.

Each contributor had some great tips and pointers to offer. For example, Alexis Davis, Founder/CEO of H.K. Productions Inc., says the key is to think about how you can add value to a situation, rather than what value you can take from it. However, there is also an important element of self-care: “For those who find being less selfish challenging, check to see if your metaphorical cup is full (mentally, spiritually, emotionally) so that you’re able to decipher if you’re feeling depleted yourself. You may find that you need to do some inner work before you’re able to help others.”