Chargebacks911® COO Profiled by Thrive Global

Monica Eaton-Cardone Featured as Part of the ‘sHeroes’ Series

Monica, a tireless advocate of girls and young women in STEM education, was recently profiled as one of Thrive Global’s sHeroes, a group of business figures pushing boundaries for women in leadership.

Thrive Global is a website on “a mission to unlock human potential.” Developed by Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington, the site aims to help professionals unlock their potential by connecting the dots between success and wellbeing.

As part of the profile, Monica spoke with Alexandra Spirer of Thrive Global to offer insights and inspiration in an extended interview. Monica delves into the roots of Chargebacks911, new projects, and how to transform one’s company culture.

For instance, when asked about employee happiness, Monica had this to say: “As the study points out, happy employees are up 20% more productive than unhappy ones. So, it’s well-known that a happier and more-fulfilled workforce will be more productive and, ultimately, more profitable…Employees’ happiness impacts their well-being, which, in turn, has either a positive or negative effect on the company as well.”

In the interview, Monica speaks to her deep passion not only for technology, but also for helping drive others to foster their passions as well. “I would love to see a push to bring more young people into STEM education — especially those who are underserved in our education system today,” she says.