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Monica Eaton-Cardone and 29 Other Influencers on How to Be More Organized

Monica Eaton-Cardone of Chargebacks911 recently offered insight on how to be more organized for a new feature in UpJourney.

As the leader of an international FinTech company, Monica knows a thing or two about staying organized. There are events and meetings to attend, products to bring to market, and a million other concerns to manage. How can anyone manage it all? One helpful tip is to prevent your space from devolving into a landfill for e-waste.

As Monica explains in her section, technology is fast moving. Keeping up with new gadgets and other developments means old devices can pile up fast.

“We seem to have a problem letting go of old tech,” Monica commented. “You know what I mean: everything in your house is wireless, but you still keep a box of old stereo cords. You’ve upgraded your router twice: the old ones are still sitting on a shelf.”

The solution Monica proposes is to periodically sort through your old, unused devices and get rid of them. “I laugh because I was one of the worst offenders, but our family finally decided that once a year, we go through all our electronic devices and do something with the ones we’re not using,” she says.

Of course, Monica’s just one contributor. Check out her full reply, plus insight from the other 29 featured experts below: