Chargebacks911® COO on ‘Consumer Talk with Michael Finney’

Monica Eaton-Cardone Makes Appearance on Popular San Francisco Radio Show

Monica Eaton-Cardone, Co-Founder and COO of Chargebacks911®, appeared as a special guest on the February 15 episode of Consumer Talk with Michael Finney. Monica talked travel chargebacks, consumer protections, and how the two are inextricably tied.

Consumer Talk host Michael Finney is a leading consumer advocate in the Bay Area. Through this weekly show, plus his popular 7 on Your Side segments on ABC 7, Michael investigates and resolves consumer complaints and questions, returning millions of dollars to consumers in the process.

Chargebacks were originally intended as a consumer protection mechanism. The problem: legislation and industry protocol didn’t keep pace with the development of technology. Now, in an increasingly-digital marketplace, chargebacks have evolved into a tool that is more often used to enable fraud, rather than prevent it.

As a leading global expert in chargeback protocols, Monica is on the forefront of the battle against chargeback abuse. During her segment, Monica lays out, in simple terms, how rising chargeback costs ultimately hurt consumers the most. The money lost by merchants due to chargebacks represents an increase in net costs. This forces the merchants to raise prices, negatively impacting consumers in the process.

Listen to the full segment below: