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Monica Eaton-Cardone Provides Expertise for

Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton-Cardone walked readers through Visa’s new Enhanced Dispute Resolution Process in her recent think piece for popular industry publication

Leaders in Chargeback Expertise

Monica and the Chargebacks911 team are recognized among the world’s foremost experts in the subject of transaction disputes. While other organizations are still wading into the complexities of chargeback policy, Chargebacks911 is interpreting policy and advocating for new payments industry solutions.

In this latest feature, Monica touches on the intent behind the Enhanced Dispute Resolution Process, how it differs from the earlier Visa Claims Resolution, and the implications for merchants. She concisely explains that this new set of card network rules is overly-focused on streamlining processes at the expense of stronger authentication and compliance standards.

Compliance Before Cutbacks

As she elaborates in the piece:

Visa’s current regulations are encompassed in an 806-page manual. The network has meticulously outlined the applicable policies for each nuance in the chargeback process. However, the overly-complex and always-changing guidelines are difficult for industry members to implement.”

Adding more and more layers of policy to an already very unwieldy rule set will just make that rule set more difficult to navigate. Rather than streamlining the dispute process, the emphasis should be on first demanding compliance. “Whether derived from confusion or an unwillingness to be burdened, there is a severe lack of compliance from all entities involved with transaction disputes,” Monica explains.

Chargebacks911’s body of experts have advocated for reform of the chargeback system for several years. Without compliance and education, though, the process will continue to put merchants at an unfair disadvantage due to lengthy and over-complicated policies.

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