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Monica Eaton-Cardone Comments on Whether Amazon Could be a Monopoly

Noted eCommerce expert Monica Eaton-Cardone recently spoke with Bold TV to discuss the online retail juggernaut Amazon, and whether they’re headed for a monopoly in the market.

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For the latest episode of Innovators with Jane King, Monica sat in with host David Grasso, along with Joshua Philipp (Sr. Investigative Reporter, Epoch Times) and Pierre Debbas (Managing Partner, Romer Debbas). The four had a brief, but spirited discussion regarding Amazon, and whether the company could become a monopoly in time.

“First, we have to ask ourselves: ‘what is a monopoly’?” Monica points out. While she disagrees with the idea that Amazon is a monopoly, Monica says there is a matter we need to address. “The biggest problem I think we can solve, and create the largest impact worldwide, would be to establish better regulation and rules that are actually for our current times.”

The eCommerce market is a fast-moving, disruptive environment. Things change rapidly, and the government’s approach to regulating the market simply can’t keep up. Amazon is a high-profile example, but the problem is more fundamental. Monica argues that we need broad, comprehensive solutions to drag regulation into the 21st Century.

“I think the best thing is to take regulation that was designed for yesteryear and bring that up-to-date with today. This wouldn’t just regulate our fear of what Amazon is becoming, but also the Googles of the world, the Facebooks, Walmarts. There’s more than just Amazon that’s at stake here.”