Chargebacks911® COO Says Report is ‘Welcome Addition’ to Tech Industry

Monica Eaton Discusses Diversity for Growth Report With The Fintech Times

Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton offers her thoughts on the recently-published Diversity for Growth report from findexable in a new feature for the Fintech Times.

The Fintech Times is a bimonthly publication exploring the explosive world of financial technology. They blend first-hand insight, opinions, and expertise with observational journalism to provide a balanced and comprehensive perspective of this rapidly evolving industry.

Chargebacks911 partnered with findexable to help bring this new report to fruition. As a long-time advocate for women in the fintech space, Monica saw this as a wonderful opportunity to help foster a more diverse—and innovative—payments industry. “This report is a welcome addition to the growing body of evidence that things need to change in the technology industry,” she says in the piece.

Some progress has been made in recent years. But, as Monica cites from the report, there are still significant issues to address.

“Although progress is being made, statistics citing that only 1.5% of Fintech companies are founded solely by women highlights deep, systemic problems. However, there are signs of hope in the progress being made in the Middle East and Africa, where significantly more women are present in boardrooms. In this report, findexable have given the industry another wake-up call, and now it’s down to all of us to listen.”

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