Chargebacks911® COO Discusses Delivery Drones With CNBC

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Monica Eaton-Cardone Says Not to Write-Off Human Element Just Yet

eCommerce juggernaut Amazon is considering the prospect of turning their fulfillment duties over to delivery workers. While this would shake the delivery industry to its core, Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton-Cardone said in a recent feature for CNBC News that it’s a bit too early for drivers to panic.

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Delivery Drones on the Way?

Amazon announced an $800 million investment in standardizing one-day shipping during their first-quarter earnings call. According to the company, delivery drones at the last-mile stage may help make it possible. Named Amazon Scout, the company is currently testing the drones for wider use.

Some are worried that automating delivery will cost jobs. In response, CNBC reporter Dan Bukszpan asked Monica to weigh-in on the issue. According to her, it’s a little early to start panicking about the robot takeover, as there are still numerous roadblocks ahead. “A few years ago, a robot named HitchBOT was hitchhiking throughout different cities in an experiment to test human psychology,” she said. “HitchBOT was beheaded in Philadelphia…Will we treat an Amazon robot any better?”

Of course, we can’t hold back development forever. Eventually more and more automation will replace labor. But, as Monica says, there is still a place for the “human element.”

“Sometimes the kind words or a reassuring smile of an actual, real-life person makes all the difference in the world,” she says.