Chargebacks911® COO Comments on How to Handle Rising Demand in Feature for Cogneesol

Monica Eaton-Cardone Says It’s Important to Keep Your Customers Informed

Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton-Cardone was asked to join more than a dozen other eCommerce experts and share her insights in a new feature for the Cogneesol blog.

Cogneesol is a global leader in offering essential business services like finance and accounting, legal support, insurance back office, data management, and research & analysis. Their blog is a primary resource for information on these subjects that attracts thousands of daily readers.

Even months after the outbreak began, COVID-19 continues to impact the market in an unpredictable manner. We’ve seen a surge in online traffic, and while that’s good news for eCommerce sellers, merchants need to tread carefully. A sudden increase in demand can cause problems if a merchant isn’t prepared to handle it.

In response, Monica and her fellow thought leaders shared their best tips to help manage the traffic. For instance, as Monica points out, not keeping inventory up-to-date can cause trouble.

“As orders fly off the shelf, items go out of stock, and shipments are delayed, a big issue facing merchants is customer dissatisfaction,” she says. “I advise all eCommerce businesses to focus on consistently communicating with customers every step of the shopping experience, from browsing to checkout. Provide updates to company policies, expected wait times for processing and shipping, frequently asked questions, and especially your return policy.”