Chargebacks911® COO Advises Parents to Keep Security in Mind This Holiday Season

Monica Eaton Says to Watch Out For Electronic Toys in WTSP Interview

In a recent interview with Great Day LIVE, Chargebacks911® COO and Co-Founder Monica Eaton shared her concerns over many popular electronic toys on the market this season. She stressed the awareness of the toys’ ability to connect to the internet, and the myriad opportunities that could open up for hackers. 

10 Tampa Bay is a broadcast channel that has served the Tampa Bay area since 1965. They’re known for the award-winning investigative reporting of the 10 Investigates team, while also presenting important news and weather updates to keep Bay Area viewers informed on a daily basis

As with any device with WiFi connectivity, it’s best to be cautious. Make sure that you establish firm parental controls at startup, carefully monitor your child’s usage, and power the device down when it is not in use. These seemingly simple steps could save you major headaches down the road, such as data breaches, unauthorized purchases, and even fraud. 

A few examples of the toys in question are the Nintendo Switch, Gizmo Watch, and Amazon Fire 8 Tablet for Kids. Each of these devices come with built-in safety features for parental control.

Monica advises parents to do their homework about each device before buying, and always take a vigilant role in the toy’s use. “These tips can help you remain an active participant in what your kid is doing,” she says.

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