Chargebacks911® are Founding Members of the Emerging Payments Association EU

New Industry Group Created to Promote Interests of Payments Industry Players

We at Chargebacks911 are very excited to be founding members of a bold and ambitious new industry association in the European market!

The Emerging Payments Association EU (or EPA EU) builds on the international network of 150 members present within the existing London-based Emerging Payments Association, including Chargebacks911. Based in Luxembourg, the EPA EU draws on members from across the payments value chain, such as card networks, issuers, acquirers, PSPs, retailers, and more.

Collectively, the members of the EPA transact more than €6 trillion annually and employ more than 300,000 staff, giving the organization a significant influence over the industry’s future. Now, by developing the new EPA EU branch, the organization can expand its influence even further!

What is the Aim of EPA EU?

As explained on the organization’s website:

“The purposes of the Association are to promote and defend the interests of its members and as well as the study of any issues concerning the payments industry in the European Union. EPA EU seeks to achieve its objectives by organizing events, managing projects defending the interests of its members, publishing research documents, and providing training.”

This nonprofit entity plans to offer a wealth of resources for players of all sizes in the payments space. This will include whitepapers, expert analysis, industry news, and more.

EPA EU brings together a diverse range of voices in payments. The ultimate aim if for the organization to leverage this membership body to influence policies and practices in the payments industry to benefit all stakeholders in the process.

Some of our fellow founding members and patrons in the EPA EU include Mastercard, Amazon Payments, Banking Circle, Visa, Opera, Modulr, and more. We’re thrilled to count Chargebacks911 among this group of international brands!

Why Chargebacks911?

The EPA EU represents brands involved in every component of the payment value chain. For our part, webring our rigorous and specialized approach to the complex chargeback cycle. We can extend our cooperation with other European operators through membership in the EPA EU and effect real, permanent change in the industry.

“The payments industry is a fast-moving and dynamic space,” says Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton-Cardone. “We need to respond to that change and keep pace with developments as they happen. The EPA EU stands to have a significant impact on the payments space in Europe and abroad, affecting the change we need to see. This kind of organization is vital if we’re going to maintain a stable and growing industry.”

We’re interested in joining a European network whose philosophy is to drive innovation and collaboration in the industry, and the EPA EU is the right place to achieve that goal. Click here to learn more about this promising new organization.