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Chargebacks911® and eConsumer Services® Go Live!

For Immediate Release:

August 15, 2012 - Clearwater, Florida - Affiliate Marketing & Internet Sales announces after two decades of operating as an Internet Merchant, we will change company direction going forward!

Effective immediately Affiliate will begin transitioning from Internet Sales Merchant, to Internet Chargeback Specialists. This exciting transition comes after years as an Internet Merchant, struggling to find solutions to frustrating Chargebacks. We reached the conclusion that there was simply not a service available with the merchant’s best interest in mind. Out of complete necessity, we devised a system that easily allowed us to manage our responses with consistency, as well as help prevent chargebacks that were quickly approaching the dispute phase.

Many startups evolve from the want to fullfill a need or solve a problem that no one else has successfully tackled. The easiest way to uncover a solution to a problem is to have experienced the problem yourself.

Monica Eaton

Co-Founder and COO

Being a Merchant for many years ourselves, we inherently understand the everyday demands that come with managing online marketing components alone. We also understand that for something to work, it needs to be done by others who have the same understanding, and can appreciate that time is a limited resource in this real-time industry! For these reasons, we introduced “Chargebacks911®” and “eConsumer Services®”. In a nutshell, we provide two simple services to handle your chargeback responses or help prevent disputes altogether.

Our services will be provided to a select customer base with a very “hands on” personal approach. Each account will receive the personal attention of a LIVE professional agent, allowing us to focus all efforts on attention to detail for each particular account. We know how valuable your time is and we most likely understand many key details of your business as well; fill us in on the rest and you can be live and activated for use within 24 hours!

For more information go to: www.Chargebacks911.com & www.econsumerservices.com

Contact Information:

Phone: 1-877-634-9808

Email: support@Chargebacks911.com

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