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Chargeback Mitigation Plans

Chargebacks Already Have You in a Bad Spot?

When chargeback rates spike, card networks and acquirers demand a mitigation plan that outlines risk remediation. If you are at the point where a mitigation plan is necessary, your business is already in grave danger.

Chargebacks911® Can Help

Chargeback mitigation plans are of the utmost importance; their composition isn’t a task that should be taken lightly. Acquirers might allow you the chance to implement the plan, or the bank could simply terminate your processing rights.mitigation-plan-advising-large

That’s why you need the most compelling, effective strategy possible. That’s why you need Chargebacks911.

  • We understand the severity of the situation. A mitigation plan could be the pivotal moment between success and failure. We know your business is in a perilous position, and we won’t do anything to jeopardize your success.
  • We are mitigation plan experts. You excel at managing your business, not managing chargebacks. One false move during your mitigation plan composition could have irreparable, long-term consequences for your business. That’s why our experience and expertise is an asset.
  • We create realistic and actionable strategies. Our mitigation plans don’t simply make the merchant look good on paper; we actually equip merchants with the strategies they need to reduce chargebacks.
  • We pay attention to the details. We’ve become an industry leader because our expertise and personal approach to routine procedures makes our efforts more successful than any other provider.

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A Proactive Approach Ensures Longevity

The demand for a mitigation plan will vary by network and acquirer, but one thing is universal: increased chargeback rates is equivalent to increased risk. When perceived risk increases, action will be taken to reduce liability.

Your continued right to accept credit card payments is dependent upon your ability to draft and implement a plan that produces measureable results. Chargebacks911 can create an actionable chargeback prevention strategy and help merchants make the necessary changes to ensure sustainability.

Maintain Processing Rights

Lower your risk assessment and ensure longevity.

Lower Chargeback Liability

Experience fewer chargebacks and prevent loss of revenue.

Save Time and Money

Reallocate valuable resources and get better results.

Chargebacks911 is the company you want in your corner if you need to go into battle. I’m glad to have them in mine

P. Ballantine, US company president and CEO

Need Help?

Our Mitigation Plan Advising provides a strategy to not only keep you in business, but allow your organization to thrive by drastically reducing instances of chargebacks and other fraud losses.

Contact us today to learn how our risk mitigation plans can ensure longevity and sustainability.

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