Chargbacks911® Partners with Radial


Agreement Brings Revolutionary Chargeback Solutions to Radial Client Base

We’re happy to introduce Radial, a recognized leader in managing omnichannel technology and operations, as our newest partners in the fight against eCommerce risk.

This new partnership integrates our proprietary technologies with Radial’s powerful omnichannel solutions to deliver unparalleled chargeback reduction to their client base. Now, Radial clients of all business levels and verticals can benefit from our fully-managed solutions.

Why Chargebacks911?

Chargebacks cost businesses billions of dollars each year. According to recent research conducted alongside our partners at Kount:

  • 1 in 4 merchants experience a chargeback rate above 1% of total transactions.
  • Less than half of merchants achieve a chargeback rate below 0.5%
  • Less than 1 in 5 merchants achieve a chargeback rate below 0.1%

In all, this will amount to a projected total of nearly $30 billion in losses every year by 2020…but why? What is the reason that merchants can’t seem to address this problem? In short, it’s because chargeback sources are misleading.

Chargebacks911 is the only service to provide true chargeback mitigation. We take an in-depth, comprehensive approach by fighting friendly fraud chargebacks through tactical representment, while producing a long-term reduction in chargeback issuances. Merchants see their dispute win-rates rise, and the number of chargebacks fall.

Unmatched Expertise

By integrating our technologies into Radial’s existing framework, we can offer better analysis, more detailed reporting, and ultimately, more wins for merchants. As KC Fox, Radial’s VP for Payments, Tax & Fraud, explains: "Fraudulent charges are a major strain for retailers challenged with maintaining margins into today's competitive retail landscape…Through our partnership with Chargebacks911, we are able to provide retailers with the safety net they need to maintain consumer trust and loyalty."

Harlan Hutson, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Brands at Chargebacks911, elaborated on the value of this new opportunity:

"The combination of Radial's Fraud Zero solution, which manages fraud and covers any losses, and our unique expertise in handling chargebacks will broaden the abilities of both companies to serve a range of retailers, financial institutions and partners alike. The unmatched expertise of this partnership is sure to bring very welcome results."

You can learn more about Radial’s omnichannel merchant solutions here.

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