Chargebacks911™ Named ‘Best Industry Solution’

Chargeback Award

ATPS Worldwide Honors Chargebacks911™ at 10th Annual Event Since the company’s creation back in 2011, it’s been Chargebacks911’s mission to deliver the card-not-present environment’s most dynamic, innovative and easily-adaptable solutions for chargebacks and friendly fraud. Our success is built upon seeking out new, untapped answers to developing problems, all with the goal of delivering the […]

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Chargebacks911™ COO Published in ‘FeedFront’ Magazine


European Advertising Trends That are Gaining Adoption: What the Rest of the World Can Learn Chargebacks911™ co-founder and COO, Monica Eaton-Cardone, isn’t just an expert when it comes to ecommerce fraud. She also holds an impressive background in direct response marketing. Monica’s insight appears as a feature story in this month’s edition of FeedFront Magazine, […]

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Chargebacks911 a Finalist for Technology Innovation Award


Our Intelligent Source Detection™ Nominated for ETA’s ‘Technology Innovation’ Award Chargebacks911™ is passionate about creating dynamic, innovative solutions to help ecommerce merchants optimize profitability, manage chargebacks and minimize risk. We pride ourselves on our ability to successfully monitor industry trends, detect potential threats, and create proactive solutions. Chargebacks911™ is pleased to announce one of our […]

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Eaton-Cardone Featured in Spring Issue of ‘CIO Connect’


Interview with Monica Eaton-Cardone in Honor of Award Nomination When you start to make a real impact, people tend to start taking notice. Chargebacks911™ co-founder and COO, Monica Eaton-Cardone, recently sat down with Nick Kirkland of CIO Connect for a quick interview that was published in the spring 2016 edition of the quarterly magazine. Monica […]

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Monica Eaton-Cardone Featured on “The VAR Guy”


Chargebacks911™ COO Says Greater Representation Needed for Women in STEM Fields Chargebacks911™ COO Monica Eaton-Cardone sat down with Michael Cusanelli of The VAR Guy for a quick interview last week. The two touched on a number of topics, including the role of women in STEM and IT careers, the root of the overwhelming gender disparity […]

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Gender Diversity: Radio Interview with Monica Eaton-Cardone


Chargebacks911’s COO Addresses Gender, Business and Technology in Latest Radio Interview As COO and co-founder of Chargebacks911™, Monica Eaton-Cardone knows first-hand the challenges women face in the professional world. Last week, Monica sat down with Mike Schikman of WSVA radio to discuss everything from pay inequality to gender expectations and the role of technology in […]

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Chargebacks911 CEO Advises the Gaming Industry


Gary Cardone Outlines How Friendly Fraud is Affecting the Gaming Industry Friendly fraud is not a new phenomenon, nor is it exclusive to particular industries or payment channels. Illegitimate chargebacks affect everyone. What is new is the idea that friendly fraud is a needless revenue drain. Merchants are finally realizing there is something that can […]

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Will ‘Buy Now’ Ads Boost Conversions…or Increase Fraud?


One-Click Shopping Ads are a Way to Boost Sales, but They May Cause Other Problems A new and noteworthy trend in ecommerce advertising is the addition of ‘Buy Now’ buttons to social media. Although sales from these ads accounted for less than 2% of online sales over the 2015 holiday season, the potential impact of […]

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Fla. Governor Acknowledges Chargebacks911’s Latest Honor


Tampa Bay Business Journal Names Chargebacks911 One of the Bay Area’s 200 Largest Private Companies It’s official—Florida Governor Rick Scott recognizes Chargebacks911 as one of the region’s largest and most impactful privately-held companies. At the end of each year, the Tampa Bay Business Journal compiles their list of the largest privately-held companies headquartered in the […]

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Gary Cardone Explains Chargebacks and Friendly Fraud

Gary Cardone Interview

Grant Cardone Interviews Chargebacks911 CEO About the Ramifications of Friendly Fraud Even though friendly fraud is spreading prolifically throughout the ecommerce environment, there are still those who don’t fully understand the phenomenon. Gary Cardone, CEO of Chargebacks911™, sat down with his brother and business expert, Grant Cardone, to explain chargebacks, friendly fraud, and how Chargebacsk911™ […]

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