Emphasize These 8 Skills to Enhance Customer Service

How to Build a Culture of Quality in Your Customer Service Department Providing an exemplary customer experience is one of the most important aspects of an effective chargeback prevention strategy. Emphasizing certain personnel skills and creating a culture of excellence will help ensure a satisfactory customer experience, increased sales, fewer reputational issues, and greater revenue […]

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New Mobile Wallet Technology Will Revolutionize eCommerce

The Integration of OS-Pay into eCommerce Introduces New Earning Potential A new development in mobile wallet technology is set to revolutionize eCommerce in the next two to five years. The so-called ‘OS-Pay’ could drastically change consumers’ purchasing behaviors and merchants’ fraud management. Apple Pay and Android Pay Make Big Changes Just this week, Apple Pay […]

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Beware of the Risks Associated with Account Takeover Fraud

Cases of Account Takeover Fraud Increased 112%, Victimizing Consumers & Merchants Alike With EMV migration well-underway in the U.S., and already complete in most of the rest of the world, classic identity theft techniques continue to grow less and less effective. Rather than focusing solely on stealing cardholder information, fraudsters turn to multiple different techniques […]

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Industry Experts Share Affiliate Fraud Insights

affiliate fraud

Industry Experts Share Real-World Examples & Address the Challenges of Affiliate Fraud Affiliate marketing is proving itself as a viable way to generate revenue, and everyone from online merchants to networks to publishers to traffic providers are eager to cash in. However, those who join the advertising craze but fail to acknowledge the associated risks can easily […]

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What Can Digital Goods Merchants Learn From Pokémon GO?

Digital Merchants Learn

Digital Goods Chargebacks—Merchants Gotta Catch ‘em All! More than a month after the game’s July 6, 2016 release, Pokémon GO remains a global phenomenon. The game dominated the App Store and Google Play, exceeding Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in number of daily users and topping 100 million downloads worldwide. What lessons can merchants learn from […]

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True Chargeback Prevention Involves More than Just Alerts

Alerts Can Help in a Pinch, but Merchants Need Long-Term Chargeback Reduction Chargeback management involves both preventing chargebacks and challenging illegitimate transaction disputes when they occur. But what exactly is involved in chargeback prevention? Most industry conversations about chargeback prevention center around alerts. Are alerts the only method available to stop a chargeback before it […]

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The Fine Line Between Chargeback Prevention & Merchant Fraud

Real-World Examples of How Merchant Frustration Has Led to Overly Aggressive Chargeback Prevention Tactics Preventing chargebacks is essential for maintaining MID health, optimizing profitability, and ensuring long-term success. However, the task isn’t easy and frustration often abounds. In a desperate attempt to see results, merchants often look for creative ways to decrease liability. Unfortunately, an […]

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Amazon’s Prime Day Sees Record Sales

Prime Day 2016 Stats

Reported Sales Up More than 60% Over Previous Year’s Event eCommerce giant Amazon capitalized on their global reach in July 2016 with Prime Day, offering big savings for Amazon Prime shoppers. After getting off to a rough start in its first year, Prime Day 2016 proved to be a massive success, with sales outpacing Black […]

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Clean Fraud: A New and Fast-Growing Fraud Threat

Clean Fraud

Learn Why Clean Fraud is So Difficult to Detect and Prevent After years of fast-rising eCommerce fraud losses, merchants have finally started to realize that fraud is not a singular problem with a concrete answer. However, while merchants are beginning to understand the need for dynamic, multilayer fraud prevention, fraud threats grow smarter in response. […]

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Digital Gift Cards: Balancing Risk vs. Reward

‘Fast Fraud’ and Other Threats Make Digital Goods Risky for Merchants For merchants, the earning potential associated with the sale of gift cards is significant. And considering the ease of use, it’s no surprise that digital gift cards are quickly becoming a consumer favorite. However, digital gift cards also present a major opportunity for fraudsters […]

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