Consumer Buying Trends

Consumer Buying Behaviors

Analyzing Consumer Buying Behavior in 11 Different Verticals

Buying behaviors and consumer expectations are impacted by a wide variety of factors. Perhaps the most telling characteristic of consumer engagement is the type of merchandise the shopper is looking for.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

New EU Policy Has Legal and Financial Ramifications for US Businesses

The General Data Protection Regulation, recently approved by European Parliament, is the first global data protection policy. Officials claim the new regulations will “strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the European Union”—but at what cost to service providers?

cross-border ecommerce

Cross-Border eCommerce

Things to Consider Before Engaging in Cross-Border eCommerce

Hundreds of millions of consumers around the world are turning to international eCommerce sellers for items not available through their local market. While that’s great news for cross-border retailers,

Data Security & Fraud Prevention

9 Data Security & Fraud Prevention Essentials for eCommerce Merchants

A single data security incident may result in a massive loss of revenue, as well as punitive non-compliance fees, but the worst part is the lasting reputational damage that can haunt the merchant for years.

Payments Industry Disruption

IBM, Jaguar & Disney: Surprising Disruptors in Payments Technology

Society has come to expect brands like Amazon, Apple, Visa, and Mastercard to lead the charge in payments industry disruption. However, many other brands are revealing they can be just as dynamic and innovative,

Online Grocery Shopping

Online Grocery Shopping Proves Omni-Channel is Now Ubiquitous Demand

Grocery stores were, until recently, firmly locked in the brick-and-mortar environment. However, emerging consumer preferences prove even this industry must be just as agile as all the others—and embracing the idea of online grocery shopping is a must.

Merchant Errors

4 Seemingly-Innocent Merchant Errors That Can Cause Chargebacks

Merchants who are interested in establishing sustainable chargeback prevention strategies that yield long-term results are anxious to understand exactly what is causing transaction disputes. Unfortunately, merchant errors are the most overlooked source of chargebacks—triggers that can cause a great deal of damage before they are detected.

Europe’s Digital Single Market

How Will Europe’s Digital Single Market Impact the U.S.?

Will greater legislative regulations increase eCommerce earning potential or stifle innovation? Can global merchants remain competitive, or will they be forced out to make space for local vendors?

Proactive Chargeback Management

Functioning in Reactive Mode? The Consequences are Severe.

There are two types of chargeback management, and the strategy merchants pursue will influence much more than just the bottom line—it will impact sustainability and longevity.

Basic Economy Airfare

Will New Revenue Streams Cause Profit Loss for Airlines?

In an often-unstable global economy, it can be challenging for airlines to generate necessary profits. As a result, many legacy carriers are experimenting with new revenue streams,

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