3 Telltale Signs You’re Paying Too Much for Credit Card Processing


Analyze Costs, Evaluate Options, and Choose an Economical Solution Credit card processing seems like a maze of rates and fees, conflicting information, and confusing costs that eat into your bottom line. However, with a little background and the tips in this article, you’ll be able to quickly identify if you’re overpaying and how to get […]

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On-Demand Call Centers: Improve the Customer Experience & Reduce Risk


Address Customer Service Shortcomings to Increase Profitability Very few merchants maintain a consistent volume of sales throughout the year. Instead, most experience an ebb and flow, often on a seasonal basis. One department in particular—customer service—suffers under the strain of this unpredictability. To alleviate common challenges and shortcomings, merchants often take advantage of on-demand services […]

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Industry Expert Provides Valuable Insights on eCommerce in 2017


Insider Analysis Helps eCommerce Merchants Increase Future Profitability Do you want to know where the eCommerce environment is headed in 2017? Chargebacks911™ has compiled the most comprehensive, no-holds-barred account of the payments industry and what can be expected in the next 12 months. Monica Eaton-Cardone, COO of Chargebacks911 and a highly-respected industry thought leader, shares […]

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Analyzing 2016 Payments Industry Pain Points to Ensure Future Success


A Review of 2016 Activity Reveals Challenges and Opportunities for Improvement The payments industry saw tremendous growth and technological advancements in the last year, but 2016 was also riddled with pain points. Taking an in-depth look at what has transpired in the last 12 months can help the industry as a whole experience greater profitability […]

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Research Reveals Mobile Devices & Micro-Moments Drive Travel Bookings


Customers Research Travel Via Mobile, but Will They Feel the Urge to Buy? Contemporary airline travelers enjoy the privilege of booking their travel through several different channels, including on their desktop computer, over the phone, through mobile sites, and via apps. However, this variety of consumer channels puts additional responsibilities on airlines and agents to […]

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The Best Gift for Merchants This Year? Tips to Avoid Return Fraud.


Insulate Your Business Against Billions in Annual Return Fraud Losses For many retailers, the weeks between Thanksgiving and the end of the year are viewed as a prime sales opportunity. The average American consumer is expected to spend $929 this holiday season, and experts anticipate overall holiday spending will exceed $1 trillion. However, with increased […]

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Which of These Recurring Billing Service Providers is Right For You?


Recurring Billing Options: Finding the Best Solution for Your Business Recurring billing, or a subscription business model, is an effective method for securing a consistent and reliable flow of revenue. Unfortunately, not all payment processors support recurring billing. Merchants interested in securing payments with this sales method will need to either find a processor who […]

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How to Reap the Rewards of Free Shipping Without Breaking the Bank


Free Shipping & Order Fulfillment: How to Maximize Your Efforts Major shopping events like Thanksgiving weekend will attract a great number of online consumers. However, deep discounts and doorbuster deals aren’t the only incentives that attract customers. Free shipping can be a compelling incentive too. What the People Want: Free Shipping Studies have found free […]

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Delayed EMV Liability Shift Brings More Harm Than Help


AFD Merchants Benefit, But Issuers, Consumers & e-Retailers Suffer When card networks announced the EMV liability shift in the U.S. would take place on October 1, 2015, they initially specified that automated fuel dispensers and ATMs would be exempted until 2017. However, recent industry developments reveal a complete transition won’t be achieved for several more […]

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Visa’s Enhanced Dispute Resolution Process: Important Policy Insight


Visa Has Implemented New Policies That Drastically Change the Chargeback Process Over the course of the next several years, Visa, the world’s largest payment card brand, will drastically alter the way in which the industry handles transaction disputes. It is imperative that merchants take the necessary actions now, in anticipation of these changes, to ensure […]

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