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Partial chargeback

Partial Chargebacks

Are Partial Chargebacks Different From Other Disputes?

A partial chargeback (or chargeback partial refund) refers to a chargeback that returns less than the full amount of a disputed transaction. For example, let’s say a cardholder is unhappy with one piece of a larger purchase.

Late Presentment Chargeback

Late Presentment

Why Did I Get a Late Presentment Chargeback?

A late presentment chargeback can throw you for a loop. For one thing, it doesn’t start with a customer dispute. Rather, this type of chargeback comes directly from the issuer,

chargeback vs. refund

Chargeback vs. Refund

Chargeback vs. Refund: Why Merchants Need to Know the Difference

Chargeback vs. refund: they can appear very similar at first glance. However, their respective consequences are worlds apart. Do you know the difference? Do your customers?

chargeback stats

Chargeback Stats

The Chargeback Statistics Every Merchant Should Know

Chargeback stats can be difficult to pin down. Accurate, reliable information on the state of chargebacks is scarce. Plus, any information that’s available can be contradictory, making it hard to get a reliable picture.

Payment Reversal

Payment Reversal

3 Different Types of Payment Reversal: What’s the Difference?

Payment reversals are a fact of life for merchants. Even the most conscientious retailers experience the occasional sale that doesn’t go as planned, with the transaction amount being refunded to the customer.

chargeback definition

Chargeback Definition

Chargeback Definition: What Exactly is a Chargeback?

It’s not hard to come up with a simple chargeback definition: a chargeback is a forced payment reversal carried out at the bank level. There’s a lot of nuance and the gray area between the lines which a simple,

Chargeback Reasons

Chargeback Reasons

Chargeback Reasons: Why Do Customers File Disputes?

Chargeback reason codes are meant to offer insight into why customers file disputes. This is because chargebacks have morphed into something completely different over the last few years.

chargeback time limit

Chargeback Time Limit

Reviewing the Chargeback Time Limit for Banks, Cardholders, & Merchants

The chargeback process involves many different players, including merchants, banks, cardholders, processors, card networks, and third-party vendors. With all the back-and-forth necessary to resolve a dispute,

13 Scary Chargeback Facts

13 Scary Chargeback Facts

These Terrifying Chargeback Facts Could Haunt You Well Past Halloween

What scares you most? Vampires? Mummies? A zombie apocalypse? If you’re like most eCommerce merchants, the monster in the closet takes on a completely different form: chargebacks.

Scary Chargeback Facts

Scary Chargeback Facts

13 Chilling Chargeback Stats GUARANTEED to Keep You Up at Night

When most people think of a monster, the first thing that comes to mind may be a vampire, werewolf, or some other creature that goes “bump” in the night.