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Chargeback Policy

Chargeback Policy

How A Stronger Chargeback Policy Can Help Eliminate Disputes

You know that chargebacks are both a threat and a huge hassle, but you might be surprised to learn how many customer disputes could actually start with you.

How to Handle Chargebacks

How to Handle Chargebacks

Learn How to Handle Chargebacks in 4 Easy Steps

Handling chargebacks on your own can seem overwhelming. This growing threat can be one of the biggest challenges you face as a card-not-present merchant. Regardless whether they’re legitimate or fraudulent,

Chargeback Processing - Gears Gif Featured Image

Chargeback Processing

Chargeback Processing Time Frames, Fees & Documents: The Merchant’s Guide

Chargeback processing is a complex topic. As a merchant, how do you stay up-to-date on industry standards and time frames? What about the fees and all the necessary documents to process a dispute?

chargeback help

Chargeback Help

Best Chargeback Help for Card-Not-Present Merchants

Found yourself considering whether you need chargeback help? If so, you’re not alone.
According to the 2021 Chargeback Field Report, merchants respond to roughly 43% of the chargebacks they receive.

chargeback companies

Chargeback Companies

Chargeback Management Companies: What You Need to Know

A chargeback management company isn’t something most merchants think about…until they need one, that is. When chargeback rates start surging and keeping them in check starts requiring too much time and manpower,

chargeback ratio

Chargeback Ratio

Chargeback Ratio: the 8 Most Important Things to Know

Do you know your chargeback ratio? This isn’t something to take lightly; even a slight, temporary change in this number can be costly.
In simple terms,

Chargeback Rate

Chargeback Rate

Your Chargeback Rate: What’s Considered Normal & Why Does it Matter?

A high chargeback rate has the potential to upset your cash flow and limit your options for accepting payments. How do you calculate your chargeback rate,

Manage Chargebacks

Manage Chargebacks

The Top 20 Tips Help Manage Chargebacks & Recover Revenue

There’s one basic goal if you’re looking to manage chargeback issuances: protecting your bottom line from invalid customer disputes. All merchants should be aware of the best practices that can prevent this unnecessary and avoidable threat to revenue,

Chargeback Analyst

Chargeback Analyst

What is a Chargeback Analyst? Should You Hire One?

When a dispute happens, a chargeback analyst could be your first line of defense.
They must be well-versed in the latest domestic and global chargeback rules and regulations.

managing merchant chargebacks

Managing Merchant Chargebacks

Pros & Cons of Handling the Merchant Chargeback Process

Managing the threat of chargebacks can seem overwhelming to merchants. The occasional customer dispute is bad enough, but the overall number of chargebacks has risen exponentially in the past few years,