chargeback blacklist

Fraud Blacklists

Why Customer Blacklists Aren’t the Most Effective Way to Fight Fraud

“Blacklist”: the very term sounds ominous, but it refers to a common tool that many merchants use to prevent fraud. In theory, banning sales to a list of accounts you believe to be invalid should lower the risk of fraudulent transactions.

False Credit Card Disputes

Filing a False Credit Card Dispute

Are There Consequences for Filing False Chargebacks?

When cardholders fall victim to fraud or abuse, they can turn to the chargeback process to recover their funds. But what happens when consumers start abusing the system by filing false credit card dispute claims?

Visa Monitoring

Visa Fraud Monitoring Program

What is the Visa Fraud Monitoring Program & How Can You Avoid It?

As the name implies, the Visa Fraud Monitoring Program (or VFMP) is an initiative administered by Visa. The program’s aim is to help merchants manage their criminal fraud risk and,

Fraud Management

Fraud Management

Can In-House Fraud Management Be as Effective as Outsourcing?

Fraud management—the process of identifying, fighting, and preventing fraudulent transactions—is an unfortunate necessity. When instances of fraud start increasing, you may be tempted to panic.

Customer Pain Points

Customer Pain Points

Pain Points in the Customer Experience Lead to Lost Revenue

There are helpful fraud barriers, and then there are unnecessary roadblocks that frustrate customers and lead to cart abandonment, returns, and chargebacks. Learning to differentiate between the two is a key skill for merchants.

2019 Holiday Sales Kickoff

2019 Holiday Sales Kickoff

Even With a Shorter Season, Consumers Spend More Than Ever Online

In a typical year, there’s nearly five weeks between Thanksgiving—the unofficial kickoff of the holiday shopping season—and Christmas. This year, though, Thanksgiving didn’t roll around until the very end of November,

Chargeback Manager

Chargeback Manager

Can Your Chargeback Manager Handle Chargebacks on Their Own?

A chargeback manager serves to oversee the day-to-day operations of your chargeback analysts. For instance, if your fraud prevention team also handles your chargeback disputes,

Visa Issuer Monitoring Program

Visa Issuer Monitoring Program

The Visa Issuer Monitoring Program Is Now in Effect. Are Issuers Prepared?

We’ve recently discussed changes to the Visa chargeback threshold and fraud threshold on our blog. While the rules are tightening for merchants,

Contingent Reimbursement Model

Contingent Reimbursement Model

Will the Contingent Reimbursement Model (CRM) Code Stop Push Payment Scams?

If you do business in the UK market, you might have heard some mention of a new system known as the Contingent Reimbursement Model Code,

Holiday Prep - “Chargeback Season” Right Around the Corner

Holiday Prep

Are You Ready for the Holidays…and for What Comes After?

The holidays are officially underway, and it’s a great time to be in the eCommerce space; every year, more and more consumers decide to skip-out on the madness of the malls and big box stores,