EMV Chargebacks & Liability

EMV Chargebacks & Liability

EMV Liability Rules Shift the Burden of Fraud and EMV Chargebacks to CNP Merchants

The EMV liability shift in October 2015—and the resulting boom in fraud and chargebacks—led to plenty of anger and resignation among online merchants.

Visa Resolve Online

Visa Resolve Online

Learn What VROL Does & How it Will Change Under New Visa Rules

Merchants don’t have the privilege to take it slow and easy when customers file transaction disputes. Strict timeframes, complex rules, and ambiguous dispute categories make it almost impossible to devote the right amount of attention to each case.

Chargeback Costs

Chargeback Costs

What is the Cost of Chargebacks? The Truth Will SHOCK You.

How much do you think businesses lost to chargebacks in 2017? $10 billion? Maybe even $20 billion? If you guessed that the total cost of chargebacks came to $31 billion in a single year…sorry,

How Chargeback Reports Help Reduce Risk and Retain Revenue

Chargeback Report

How Chargeback Reports Help Reduce Risk and Retain Revenue

There’s a lot of data points floating around out there. Organizing and making sense of all that raw data can sometimes seem impossible…but that’s why thorough chargeback reports are an important part of any risk management strategy.

Chargeback protection

Chargeback Protection

Is Full Chargeback Protection for Merchants Possible?

It doesn't matter whether you choose to fight them or pretend they don't exist: chargebacks are a huge drain of time and energy. They cost card-not-present (CNP) merchants $31 billion every year.

Chargeback Disputes

Chargeback Dispute

You Can Win a Chargeback Dispute…But Only if You Have the Know-How

They say justice is blind…right? Well, imagine walking into a courtroom to plead your case, but the burden of proof isn’t on the prosecutor: it’s on you.

Loyalty Points Fraud

Loyalty Fraud

Learn How Loyalty Points Fraud Steals From Customers & How to Stop It

Imagine you spend years saving up for the trip of a lifetime…only for a fraudster to rip the tickets to your dream vacation right out of your hand.

Visa Account Updater

Visa Account Updater

How Visa Account Updater Can Help Prevent Chargebacks

Want more sales with no added fraud liability? Of course you do…who doesn’t?!
Reducing customer friction is a consistent, proven method of achieving higher sales. After all,

Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa Helps…but Only Offers Partial Protection

Verified by Visa—or VbV—is an extra layer of protection designed to defend cardholders from the growing threat of fraudulent activity. This global solution makes it harder for a Visa card to be used if it's been reported lost or stolen.

Top 7 Reasons Customers Return Merchandise

Customer Returns

Top 7 Reasons Customers Return Merchandise & How You Can Prevent It

Why do customers return merchandise? Sometimes it's obvious…sometimes not.
There are as many different reasons as there are different customers, but understanding consumer behavior can be the difference between a great entrepreneurial success story and failure.