looking at visa debit chargebacks

Visa Debit Chargeback

Everything You Need to Know About Visa Debit Chargebacks

A Visa debit chargeback is similar, but not identical, to a traditional credit card chargeback. Most eCommerce merchants are likely familiar with the concept of a chargeback: a customer calls the bank with a complaint,

Customer Dispute

Customer Disputes

What Are Customer Payment Disputes? Are They Ever a Good Idea?

Customer disputes offer important consumer protections for making credit and debit card transactions. Having said that, they were designed to be used as a last resort,

Representment Process

Chargeback Representment

The Chargeback Representment Process Explained

Chargeback representment is a process that gives you a “second chance” to get paid for any legitimate transactions that a customer tries to dispute. Representment is an important and powerful tool,

Credit Card Transaction Process

Credit Card Transaction Process

How the Credit Card Transaction Process Works for Merchants

For consumers, making a credit card purchase seems like a pretty simple exercise. Behind the scenes, though, the credit card transaction process is far more complex than it looks at first glance.

Credit Card Decline Codes Shredder Card

Credit Card Decline Codes

Customer Received a Credit Card Decline Code? Here’s How to Recover the Sale

It may have happened to you before: you’re at the store, you have a cart full of items, but when you dip your card into the terminal to pay,

Twitch Chargebacks angry streamer

Twitch Chargebacks

More and More Streamers Suffer from Twitch Chargebacks Each Year

Livestreaming is, of course, already a major market, with and other global platforms expected to generate $125 billion annually by 2021. The meteoric rise of the livestream has a downside,

chargeback blacklist

Fraud Blacklists

Why Customer Blacklists Aren’t the Most Effective Way to Fight Fraud

“Blacklist”: the very term sounds ominous, but it refers to a common tool that many merchants use to prevent fraud. In theory, banning sales to a list of accounts you believe to be invalid should lower the risk of fraudulent transactions.

False Credit Card Disputes

Filing a False Credit Card Dispute

Are There Consequences for Filing False Chargebacks?

When cardholders fall victim to fraud or abuse, they can turn to the chargeback process to recover their funds. But what happens when consumers start abusing the system by filing false credit card dispute claims?

Visa Monitoring

Visa Fraud Monitoring Program

What is the Visa Fraud Monitoring Program & How Can You Avoid It?

As the name implies, the Visa Fraud Monitoring Program (or VFMP) is an initiative administered by Visa. The program’s aim is to help merchants manage their criminal fraud risk and,

Fraud Management

Fraud Management

Can In-House Fraud Management Be as Effective as Outsourcing?

Fraud management—the process of identifying, fighting, and preventing fraudulent transactions—is an unfortunate necessity. When instances of fraud start increasing, you may be tempted to panic.