Back-to-School Chargebacks

Back-to-School Chargebacks

Get Ready for a Post-Summer Increase in Sales…and Chargebacks

In most quarters of the retail industry, merchants tend to notice a slump in sales during the summer months.
There are no major gift-giving holidays between May and August,

Authorization Errors

Authorization Errors

Avoiding Chargebacks Associated with Transaction Authorization Errors

Authorization errors occur when merchants make a misstep or don’t follow best practices when attempting to gain authorization for a credit card transaction. These errors quite often lead to chargebacks and a loss of revenue.

Restaurant Industry Chargebacks

Restaurant Industry Chargebacks

Branded Apps & BOPUS Ordering Leads to Chargebacks in Food & Beverage Industry

It used to be that if you wanted to grab a bite from a nearby restaurant, you had a limited range of options.

Capital One Hack

Capital One Hack

What Merchants Should Know About the Latest Mass Data Breach

On July 29, Capital One, a major issuing bank in the US market, reported a large-scale security breach in their network. The Capital One hack resulted in the exposure of personal data connected to more than 100 million credit applicants in the US and Canada.

SCA Strong Customer Authentication

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Strong Customer Authentication, or SCA, is the Next Big Shakeup for Global Payments

UPDATE 10/21/19: According to an opinion published by the European Banking Authority (EBA), eCommerce merchants have until December 31, 2020, to adopt strong customer authentication (SCA) protocols.

win-rae chargebacks

Chargeback Win Rate

The Top 5 Tips to Maximize Your Chargeback Win Rate

Your chargeback-to-transaction ratio offers insight on how well you prevent chargebacks. But what about the chargebacks you can’t avoid? How do you gauge the effectiveness of your chargeback response?

Prime Day 2019

Prime Day 2019

Is Prime Day the New Valentine’s Day?

Well, Amazon’s done it again with their Prime Day 2019 event. According to initial estimates, consumers spent $5.8 billion during the two-day event: a 46% increase over last year’s total.

7 Chargeback Solution Benefits

Chargeback Solution

7 Serious Benefits You Should Expect from Your Chargeback Solution

Chargebacks are a pain. But if you’re looking for a chargeback solution…you already know that. In this article we're going to talk about some of the challenges merchants face when mitigating chargebacks. 

Chargeback Mitigation

Chargeback Mitigation Plan

How a Chargeback Mitigation Plan Can Reduce Your Risk

Chargeback mitigation refers to the set of processes and best-practices merchants can put into place to decrease the risk of chargeback losses. Common-sense policies will help to some extent,

Virtual Credit Card

Virtual Credit Card

Can a Virtual Credit Card Help Cut-Down on Travel Fraud?

When it comes to fraud, the travel sector doesn’t seem to get much press—at least compared to what we hear from retail or other verticals.