mCommerce Fraud

How to Protect Your Business Against mCommerce Fraud Losses

Mobile commerce, or mCommerce, as it’s often known, is quickly becoming the dominant channel for online shopping and transactions. However, that fact only serves to heighten concerns around the growing threat of mCommerce fraud.

Visa Chargeback Threshold

Visa Chargeback Thresholds Have Changed: How Do I Know if I’m Compliant?

Visa chargeback thresholds are the formal chargeback limits placed on merchants by the card network. Visa maintains its own predetermined monthly limit for the number of customer disputes it considers acceptable and breaching the Visa chargeback threshold or fraud threshold can have serious consequences.

Mastercard Chargeback Threshold

What is the Mastercard Chargeback Threshold? How Do I Know if I’m Compliant?

Like other card networks, Mastercard maintains its own predetermined monthly limit for the number of chargebacks considered “acceptable.” Merchants and banks commonly refer to this as the Mastercard chargeback threshold.

Reduce Chargebacks

Reduce Chargebacks With This 6-Step Strategy

Too many merchants see chargebacks as an unavoidable cost of doing business. The truth, however, is that many chargebacks are preventable if you have the right strategy. In fact,

Fraud Incidents by State

Which US State Suffers the Most Credit Card Fraud? We’ve Got the Answer.

The United States is an incredibly diverse country. The nation encompasses nearly every terrain and climate biome imaginable, including arid deserts,

Bank Chageback

Bank Chargeback

What is a Bank Chargeback? What Makes it Different From Other Disputes?

Bank chargebacks are disputes initiated by a cardholder’s issuing bank. The motivations and processes involved are different from a conventional customer dispute.

Online Fraud Detection

What’s the Best Online Fraud Detection Approach for Merchants?

Fraud is a serious problem in the eCommerce space. Online fraud detection is a critical process if you’re going to retain revenue, protect your reputation,

Pre-Authorization Settlement

Pre-Authorization Settlement is Essential for Some Credit Card Transactions

Pre-authorization settlement can be an essential process for some merchants who accept credit cards. However, both cardholders and merchants can sometimes be a little unclear on what this refers to,

Chargeback Rate

Your Chargeback Rate: What’s Considered Normal & Why Does it Matter?

A high chargeback rate has the potential to upset your cash flow and limit your options for accepting payments. How do you calculate your chargeback rate,

RBI Recurring Transaction Rules

Reserve Bank of India Introduces Major Change to Cardholder Data Rules

In an increasingly interconnected world, changes in one national or regional economy can have effects that ripple across the entire global marketplace. That’s precisely what’s unfolding right now with new recurring transaction rules mandated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).