Chargeback Insurance

What is Chargeback Insurance?

What is Chargeback Insurance and Will it Solve Your Chargeback Problems?

Even the best chargeback management plan can let a few unauthorized transactions slip through the cracks. If the action of fraudsters starts to take a toll on your business’s bottom line,


The History of Chargebacks

The History and Evolution of Chargebacks

The history of chargebacks isn’t very old, but this consumer protection mechanism has rapidly evolved in a relatively short time span. While they still serve their original purpose,

creditcard chargebacks

Credit Card Chargebacks

A Basic Explanation of Credit Card Chargebacks

If you are new to the business world, there is a concept you are probably unfamiliar with – credit card chargebacks. Unless you’ve ever filed one as a cardholder,

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Chargebacks911® and eConsumer Services® Go Live!

Chargebacks911® and eConsumer Services® Go Live!

For Immediate Release:

August 15, 2012 - Clearwater, Florida - Affiliate Marketing & Internet Sales announces after two decades of operating as an Internet Merchant, we will change company direction going forward!