merchant rights

A Merchant’s Chargeback Rights

How Merchants Can Uphold their Chargeback Rights

When people hear the phrase, “chargeback rights,” they think of consumers. Consumers have the right to file a chargeback against unscrupulous merchants and in instances of fraud.


Pre-Compliance Chargebacks

Pre-Compliance Chargebacks: What are They and What do They Entail?

Pre-compliance chargebacks are a topic of mass confusion in the processing world today. These chargebacks (sometimes referred to as chargeback reason code 98) are misunderstood by merchants,

cb system

Chargeback System

How Effective is Your Current Chargeback System?

A chargeback system is difficult to manage—especially for new merchants. It involves a lot of intricacies relating to the people and processes. You’ll need to understand:

Chargebacks: A Basic Explanation

We have a really great article explaining what a chargeback is.

cb fraud

Chargeback Fraud

There’s Nothing Friendly About Chargeback Fraud

Fraud is one of the most common reasons cardholders employ to file a chargeback. But within the context of true fraud, resides another form of deceit called friendly fraud.

pre arbitration

Pre-Arbitration Chargeback

Visa's Pre-Arbitration Chargeback Process

You’re probably already familiar with the concept of chargebacks. If not, be sure to check our blog article explaining what a chargeback is.
The concept of a pre-arbitration chargeback, however,


Visa Chargeback Reason Code 57

Chargeback Reason Code 57: Fraudulent Multiple Transactions

Each chargeback is accompanied by a numeric reason code. Mastercard and Visa chargeback reason codes vary, but each credit card network maintains a list to help merchants understand what caused the dispute.

Sony Chargebacks

Sony Chargeback Policy

Sony and Customers Clash Over Chargeback Policy

A recent scuffle between Sony and their customers illustrates the difficult situations surrounding chargebacks and begs the question: is it possible to take chargeback prevention too far?