Chargebacks911 Wins Ai Lions’ Den Award

Chargebacks911 Earns Top Honors for Second Year in a Row

We’re happy to announce Chargebacks911® has won the Lions’ Den showcase at the Ai Travel Fraud Symposium for the second year in a row.

Online Grocery Shopping

Online Grocery Shopping Proves Omni-Channel is Now Ubiquitous Demand

Grocery stores were, until recently, firmly locked in the brick-and-mortar environment. However, emerging consumer preferences prove even this industry must be just as agile as all the others—and embracing the idea of online grocery shopping is a must.

Merchant Errors

4 Seemingly-Innocent Merchant Errors That Can Cause Chargebacks

Merchants who are interested in establishing sustainable chargeback prevention strategies that yield long-term results are anxious to understand exactly what is causing transaction disputes. Unfortunately, merchant errors are the most overlooked source of chargebacks—triggers that can cause a great deal of damage before they are detected.

Europe’s Digital Single Market

How Will Europe’s Digital Single Market Impact the U.S.?

Will greater legislative regulations increase eCommerce earning potential or stifle innovation? Can global merchants remain competitive, or will they be forced out to make space for local vendors?

Proactive Chargeback Management

Functioning in Reactive Mode? The Consequences are Severe.

There are two types of chargeback management, and the strategy merchants pursue will influence much more than just the bottom line—it will impact sustainability and longevity.

Chargebacks911 Partners with ACI Worldwide

New Collaboration with ACI Worldwide Creates Greater Industry-Wide Chargeback Solutions

Chargebacks911® is pleased to announce the company’s latest strategic partnership with ACI Worldwide, a leader in global banking and electronic payment solutions.
This partnership between two of the leading brands in their respective fields will help bring a new level of security and stability to the payments industry.

Basic Economy Airfare

Will New Revenue Streams Cause Profit Loss for Airlines?

In an often-unstable global economy, it can be challenging for airlines to generate necessary profits. As a result, many legacy carriers are experimenting with new revenue streams,

Amazon Patent Expires

Amazon Patent Expires: 1-Click Buying Goes Global

Over the past two decades, Amazon has evolved into one of the world’s largest online retailers.
Amazon’s success is owed to many different factors, primarily the company’s ability to innovate and anticipate consumer preferences.

Chargebacks911’s Parent Company Recognized with FStech Awards

Global Risk Technologies™ Shortlisted in Two Categories for Major European Award

We’re pleased to announce Chargebacks911’s™ parent company, Global Risk Technologies™™, was shortlisted in both the “Online Technology Provider of the Year” and “Anti-Fraud or Security Strategy of the Year” categories for this year’s FStech Awards.