ATPS Fraud 2021: Where Are We & What’s Next?

ATPS Fraud 2021: Where Are We & What’s Next?

Fascinating Panel Discussion with Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton Cardone

Covid-19 has transformed fraud prevention as we know it. In response, Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton-Cardone and a host of other industry experts were invited to sit in on an in-depth discussion titled Where are We & What’s Next? Moderator Marco Conte (Payments and Risk Consultant & Co-Founder, Payment Universe) as part of ATPS Fraud 2021.

ATPS Fraud 2021 brought together professionals from airlines and travel companies around the world to connect, share insights, and stay ahead of the fraudsters plaguing the travel space. Hundreds of professionals met for this special virtual event to share the latest fraud prevention strategies and solutions to keep businesses safe.

Lockdowns and travel restrictions plagued merchants in the travel space in 2020 as Covid-19 spread. Travel companies were forced to lay off staff, while fraudsters changed their tactics to fit the new environment. Quick-serve restaurants replaced travel as a favorite fraud target, chargebacks soared in response to canceled flights and travel, and account takeovers have increased. So, what’s next and how do we prepare it?

Alongside Monica, panelists Carlos Palma (Product Manager, DLocal), Lewis Duker (Fraud Prevention Enterprise Account Executive, SecuredTouch), and Dennis Köehler (Global Head of Payment & Fraud, FlixBus) each bring their own unique perspectives to this panel to cap-off ATPS Fraud 2021. Check out the full video below: