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March 12, 2015 | 3 min read

Chargeback Client Portal

Chargebacks911® Announces a New and Improved Client Portal

The driving force behind Chargebacks911 is simple: we manage your business’s chargebacks so you can use your most valuable resources to grow your business. As part of that promise, we are launching a new and improved client portal.

Take a Look at What We Have to Offer

Chargebacks911 is excited to reveal the latest feature of our turnkey chargeback management solution. We want to give you a sneak peek of what you can expect to see when you log in to the new and improved client portal.

The Tools You Need to Grow Your Business

Our client portal has been redesigned to feature even more valuable tools and reports. The information merchants need to effectively monitor and diagnose chargeback causes is now available at the click of a mouse.

Merchants have access to our custom-built reports. These reports provide all the information you need to take immediate action against chargeback threats when they arise. You can also track our progress; carefully monitor your business’s win-back rate and chargeback dispute success.

Navigating through the simple and easy-to-use interface, merchants can monitor alerts, measure their KPIs, and view month-to-date reports. To ensure merchants have a thorough understanding of what’s being reported, we've made it possible to sort the data by user, date, or MID.

A Streamlined, Efficient Reporting System

Data is useless if you don’t understand the cause and effect associated with it. We take the guesswork out of our reporting system. We've streamlined the information, making it easy to sort, interpret, and put into practice.

Through the client portal, you’ll have access to all the information you need—and nothing you don’t need. Chargebacks911 knows your time is valuable; we won’t make you sort through tons of reports that are either repetitive or totally lacking in substance. The reporting tools are customized to maximize efficiency in order to show you what you need to know right now.

Knowledge is Power

Chargeback management is a time-sensitive practice. Not only do disputes need to be filed promptly, merchants need to engage in constant vigilance to maintain their businesses’ sustainability. One false move can drastically affect a business’s long-term success.

Chargebacks911 provides the necessary information for you to make informed decisions in real time. Stop threats before they become liabilities.

Ready to Give it a Try?

Don’t just take our word for it; give it a try! Find out how helpful our reporting system is when it comes to effective chargeback management.

For a free walkthrough of our client portal and more information about the reports you’ll find, please call 1.877.634.9808  or email support@Chargebacks911.com.

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