AI & Chatbots Disrupt FinanceChargebacks911® Founder Asked to Share Thoughts in New Feature for In Business Magazine

August 1, 2023 | 2 min read

InBusiness Madison

Monica Eaton of Chargebacks911, a globally recognized leader in the fintech space, was recently asked to offer her insights in an article for In Business magazine. is the digital product of In Business magazine, which is the premier business-to-business publication in the Greater Madison region, celebrating more than 45 years of editorial excellence. Their nationally acclaimed editorial department covers the companies and people shaping the business community through readership news, analysis, and in-depth profiles.

AI disruption has been perhaps the hottest topic in the technology space over the past year. However, that’s just the beginning. It’s difficult to tell how profoundly AI will disrupt every facet of business in coming years. But, as Monica explains, the impact will extend far beyond the technology itself.

“The biggest advantage of ChatGPT is not actually the AI, it’s actually the natural human language,” she states. “So, it’s humanized AI, which is amazing because you can’t tell that it came from a computer.”

Monica goes on to explain that human oversight is going to be essential going forward. “Whether we’re talking about new incidents of fraud through chatbot technology, which nobody really saw coming, or new incidents of fraud from the least expected criminal, which is actually consumers, in many cases it starts out as something innocent,” Monica notes. “The common denominator here is the bank doesn’t see it coming.”

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