Advidi Partner Spotlight Featuring Gary Cardone of Chargebacks911®

CEO Discusses the Past, Present & Future of Cb911

Chargebacks911 CEO Gary Cardone recently spoke with our partners at Advidi to discuss the current state of chargebacks and the future of the industry.

Advidi is a performance marketing network founded in 2012. They are a global brand based in The Netherlands, helping advertisers around the world reach new customers through innovative new approaches to affiliate programs.

When Chargebacks911 began, our founders had no way of knowing it would grow into the international payments industry leaders we’ve become in the last eight years. “We started Chargebacks911 as a small consulting gig that we could operate on the side to supplement our existing eCommerce business,” Gary explains. “At that time, we had no idea it would grow to the scale we’ve managed to reach!”

What has always set Cb911 apart is our willingness to push and challenge the boundaries of our industry. We’re never content to go along with conventional wisdom; we’re always exploring new ways to innovate. That commitment remains a core tenet of the business, and it’s what makes us stand out in a growing field of imitators.

“We were the first company to really address the problems in the chargeback space head-on. When everyone else was only offering reactive solutions to lessen the impact of individual chargebacks, we came along and offered a way to see long-term chargeback reduction. We aim to keep that competitive advantage by always evolving and offering new solutions to help merchants reduce their stress levels and still keep more of their revenue.”