Adjust to an Accelerated Fulfillment Schedule Without Increasing Fraud Exposure

Monica Eaton-Cardone’s New Guest Feature for Total Retail

In her latest appearance for Total Retail, Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton-Cardone offers insight on adjusting to the demand for ever-faster fulfillment in eCommerce.

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In the post, Monica notes the increasingly-important role of fast and free shipping in the eCommerce space. Consumers’ expectations are trained by leaders like Amazon, forcing smaller retailers to try and compete. It’s not as simple as just moving faster, though; merchants can’t overlook basic security best practices.

“The real challenge is finding a balance between faster order fulfillment and security due diligence,” Monica suggests. “That can be a problem, as you’re tempted to relax payment security and other defense measures to increase conversion and retain as many customers as possible.”

Monica suggests that simply removing friction from the process wherever possible isn’t the answer. Instead, merchants should learn to separate helpful friction points from harmful ones.

“We can pretty concisely separate friction into “positive” and “negative” camps. The former helps prevent fraudulent activity and other abuse with little, if any, impact on the customer experience. The latter places unnecessary obstacles between merchants and consumers. Your supply chain has plenty of both elements. What you should aim to do is maximize positive friction points, while eliminating as many negative ones as possible. This allows you to achieve an optimal balance between faster fulfillment and preserving security.”