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A Unique Approach to Chargeback Risk Mitigation and Loss Recovery

Aren’t All Solutions the Same?

It’s easy to think that chargeback management solutions are all the same. That’s because many of the services offered by other companies are essentially identical. They provide similar “one size fits all” solutions that offer minimal protection and no profit recovery options.  Their models are built around static, short-term solutions that don’t evolve with the changing card-not-present landscape. Once you look at Chargebacks911™, however, you’ll realize that all solutions are not the same.

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Our unique approach to chargeback risk mitigation and profit recovery is based on the real world experience of our founders. Our methodology was forged in the fires of necessity after the boilerplate solutions (still popular today) failed to deliver on their promise of solving the chargeback issues.  Chargebacks911™ is the better mousetrap and our rapid growth, unprecedented win rate and long-term client retention bear the evidence of our effectiveness.

They’re not the best at what they do, they’re the only ones that do what they do.

By Bill Graham (About the Grateful Dead)

What Sets Us Apart

There are a certain number of chargebacks that can be prevented through conventional automation.  We address these low hanging fruit in much the same way as our competitors. We offer the same fraud alerts, risk assessments and monitoring as other companies to address the 10-20% of chargebacks those methods are suited to solve. The difference is that we don’t stop there.  We go beyond these standard approaches and utilize unique proprietary processes that deliver the highest win rates and are backed by the only ROI guarantee in the industry.

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Prevent Chargebacks. Fight Fraud. Recover Profits.

Find out how much more you can earn by preventing and disputing chargebacks.

Some of the patent-pending techniques we utilize are so effective we keep them as closely guarded secrets. It isn’t hard, however, to draw a contrast between us and our competition.  Below is a list of just some of the ways in which we differ:

We Customize Our Solutions to Fit Your Needs.

Effective chargeback management shouldn’t be handled by a fully-automated system. Your chargeback prevention strategy will be custom tailored to meet the needs of your business. When chargebacks do happen, our highly trained chargeback experts customize each dispute, taking it through an 8-step process before transmitting it to the bank.

We Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Chargebacks.

Preventing and fighting chargebacks isn’t something we do on the side. We don’t sell gateways, require the use of our software or insist on a specific CRM. We don’t view chargeback management as a way to bring in business. It is our business. Chargebacks are our only focus, and our customers benefit from our myopic obsession.

We Shoot Straight.

We’re not fans of hidden fees or misleading promises. We were once in your shoes and we’re committed to providing the transparency and efficacy we believe you deserve. We’ll send you a bill, you validate the bill, and then you pay it. There are no surprises or monkey business. Our pricing model is based on fostering long-term relationships, not churning short-term returns. Our reports include tangible KPIs like win-back revenue tracking so you know exactly how effective we are.

We do the Work so You Don’t Have to.

Your time is valuable; we know it. We’ve built our services around the knowledge that your days are best spent growing your business. Our enrollment application consists of a single page. We don’t ask you to provide us endless details about your company, accounts, pets’ names or favorite ice cream flavors. You can start using our prevention alerts within 24 hours and the rest of your custom solution will be built by our team. We can work with any merchant accounts, payment gateways or CMS.

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth is.

The most expensive solution is the one that doesn’t solve your problem. Our solution is the only one in the industry to offer an ROI guarantee. If we recommend our services, it’s because we know we can increase your bottom line.  In the rare case where we don’t think we’re a good fit, we will tell you.  We don’t want you to waste your hard-earned dollars on the wrong solution.

We Rely on People not Programs.

Chargeback management requires a dynamic, evolving approach. You can’t rely on outdated automation in the rapidly changing card-not-present environment. Chargebacks911™ is the only service provider with the ability to keep pace with the industry’s advancing technology and offer effective, innovative solutions. That’s because our system is, in large part, reliant on manual processes that evolve in tandem with the changing landscape.

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You Do What You Do Best…We’ll Handle the Chargebacks

Don’t spend another second worrying about chargebacks. These financial nightmares aren’t your specialty; they’re ours! Your focus should be on finding and retaining customers; we’ll make sure the chargebacks are under control.

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Prevent Chargebacks. Fight Fraud. Recover Profits.

Find out how much more you can earn by preventing and disputing chargebacks.


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