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Why Choose Us? Chargebacks aren't going away

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Not only is our service the most practical for your bottom line, but we also give you a lot more for your money! While many of our competitors prey on Internet merchants' weakness when it comes to chargebacks (charging high fees based on a short-term relationship), we are interested in making sure the merchant is strengthened with our service; so we can grow together — long-term.

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Chargebacks911 is unique in that we provide services to serve not one, but both sides of the "chargeback issue".

Many merchants may not realize that there are two very different issues when it comes to chargebacks: 1) How to prevent them; and 2) What to do when they arrive. In order to build a sustainable web-based sales business, you should address both items. Chargebacks911 offers a turn-key solution for each of these needs, allowing you to focus on what you do best. We offer two completely different services to address the completely different sides of chargebacks:

eResponse Services
A service where we respond to your chargebacks.

Access to an interface for banks to refund your consumer to avoid a chargeback and where a chargeback has been filed to dispute and fight this chargeback with the optimal result of getting the core ticket reversed back to the merchant where chargebacks are "won" against the consumers inaccurate filing of a chargeback.

Chargebacks911 does not use "automated systems" to cut costs.

After many years in the business of being a merchant ourselves, we learned the hard way using service providers with these types of "automated systems". Fully automated systems are based on software code that has no match for human interaction. Pricing may seem cheaper at first, but that cost quickly turns into an expensive solution when issues are discovered later on.

"A 'System Glitch' not calculating correct case numbers on each page of the response ended up costing us tens of thousands of dollars by the time we finally noticed there was a glitch with our response provider's system." - Aurora Christensen, IHW

"A coding error we were told from one vendor, 'accidentally' identified the wrong customer match for over 500 chargebacks one month!" - Pete Scrancher

Unlike many of our competitors, we are focused on chargebacks and that is our core business.

We understand that the goal of responding to a chargeback is to win that chargeback and winning a chargeback is not based on data within a CRM or gateway. It is the production of an intelligent case based on the comprehensive understanding of that transaction that wins a chargeback.

Our pricing model is based on long-term sustainability, not short-term returns.

We believe there is much more merit in working to keep our clients in business as opposed to providing "after-the-fact" types of solutions (solutions that really don't solve anything because they provide you with important information after you experienced significant chargeback problems).

Our reporting includes win-back revenue transparency. You know exactly whats going on.

We are interested in showing you how we're doing, so interested that we will gladly provide you with win-loss reports (providing your processor can integrate for this capability).

We don't charge a setup fee because we can get you setup in just a few hours. Our mentality is to keep things simple. We understand that when you contact us, you may not be interested in waiting 90 days to begin seeing how our service works - in fact, we want to give you the opportunity to see how things work the very next day (in most cases). We keep our costs down by streamlining these activities and expanding upon integration opportunities as we grow. Simply stated, to start using our services; we don't have to integrate to your CRM or Processor, we don't require 30-page contracts, we don't need you to fill out 100 merchant defined fields either...we are experts from our experience and we only require you to fill in the blanks so we can start working for you right away!