Chargeback Scheme

How Much Do You Know About the Chargeback Scheme?

The chargeback scheme was devised by and for the payments industry. If you’ve been a merchant long enough, you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with it.

Debit Card Disputes

Debit Card Disputes

Are Debit Card Disputes the Same as Credit Card Disputes?

Debit card disputes are very similar to credit card least from the merchant’s perspective. From the cardholder’s point of view, however, debit card disputes can cause much more trouble than a credit card dispute.

Billing Descriptor

Billing Descriptors

Is Your Billing Descriptor Causing Chargebacks?

Obviously, any time you complete a transaction online, a record of that sale shows up on your customer’s billing statement. The billing descriptor refers to the name the customer sees in connection to the sale,

Mastercard Chargebacks

Mastercard Chargebacks

Mastercard Chargebacks in 2019: What Merchants Should Know

What Happens When a Merchant Receives a Mastercard Chargeback?
Generally, a Mastercard chargeback is like chargebacks from other card networks. At the same time, each scheme handles the process slightly differently.

Chargeback Laws

Chargeback Laws

Where Do Chargeback Rights Come From? What Chargeback Laws Govern the Process?

When customers are the victims of payment fraud or deceptive merchant practices, they have the right to file a chargeback. But where does that right come from?

Visa Chargeback & Visa Fraud Monitoring Program

Visa Fraud Monitoring Program

The Visa Fraud & Visa Chargeback Threshold is Changing in October 2019

Have you heard about upcoming changes to the Visa Chargeback Monitoring Program (VCMP) or the Visa Fraud Monitoring Program (VFMP)? If not,

Cloud POS Systems

Cloud POS Systems

Can You Save Money by Moving to a Cloud-Based POS System?

Are you considering an update to your existing point-of-sale (POS) system? There are many different directions you could opt to go. However, more and more businesses are interested in investing in a cloud POS.

agility business bike guy

Agile Fraud Prevention

You’re Not “Agile” if You’re Not Tackling Fraud & Chargebacks With the Right Strategy

You’ve probably heard about business agility before. According to the Agile Business Consortium, “business agility” describes an organization’s ability to:
The online marketplace is fast-moving,

PayPal Chargeback Fees

PayPal Chargeback Fee

What is the PayPal Chargeback Fee Schedule? Who’s Responsible for Paying?

Most people are familiar with PayPal as a P2P (person-to-person) payments platform. The company pioneered the concept that’s now been taken up by newcomers like Venmo and Zelle.

Credit Card Chargebacks

Chargeback on Credit Card?

What is a Chargeback on a Credit Card? Is There a Reason Why We Say “Don’t File Chargebacks”?

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