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Take Control of Chargebacks and Increase Revenue...

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  • Detailed Reporting

    Get up to the minute reporting on chargeback statistics for your company.

  • eConsumerServices

    Provide access to an interface for banks to refund customers directly, avoiding chargebacks!

  • eResponseServices

    We will respond to disputes in the form of chargebacks and do our best to resolve these in favor of the merchant.

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  • I have worked with a lot of businesses and never experienced such efficiency! When they say this is a service that you can hire out and then walk away, you can really rest assured knowing that everything they say they will do, gets done. It's so refreshing for this day in age.

    P. Scrancher, Themedawn, Ltd.

  • I have conducted business with Gary & Monica for a number of years now and know Gary and Monica to be very reputable, ethical, experienced and show the utmost integrity. Many of our clients are starting to utilize Chargebacks 911 to decrease their chargeback losses/expenses, while at the same time growing their profits.

    David Whitely, Trust One Payments

  • The Chargebacks911's team has over-delivered on every promise they have made me. Their program is comprehensive, providing reporting that is well in one word 'invaluable' to me and my team. Their deep understanding of merchant processing and the issues associated with chargebacks has been a huge help to us and made positive impacts on our P&L.

    Michael Osbon, WT Investments

  • We have won almost 82% of our domestic chargebacks and nearly 70% from our international processor! I never considered the amount of revenue I was walking away from by not responding to chargebacks. Based on our average chargeback dollar amount, it really does add back to the bottom line. The team is professional and reliable.

    A. Christensen, GTMC, Co.

You Need Representment!

Professional Services

Chargebacks911 is here to aid merchants through our own proprietary technology. We provide a necessary function that gives merchants the freedom to do what they do best – obtain new customers and handle the ones they have. This allows merchants to really focus on their core competency and optimize their in-house skill set.

Our clients are merchants who have between 100 and 5000 chargebacks per month, who use Limelight.

  • Reduce Chargebacks

    If a company's business results in a large number of chargebacks during an arbitrary period of time, its bank or credit card processor may refuse to accept payments. You, the online merchant, are then out of business.

  • Win Back Lost Revenue

    For many companies, chargebacks are a painful cost of doing business with a direct negative impact on profit. Using our representment strategy, you will win back that revenue and be able to apply it directly to your bottom line.

  • Avoid Disputes

    Our resolution service provides an interface for cardholder institutions to use, which communicates directly with the merchant by instantly obtaining a refund for a transaction that was at risk of becoming a dispute.